A Criminology society event with the Criminology Collective, 27 September, 6.30pm


All students are welcome to come along to hear Jo Lear and Libby da Silva, founders of the Criminology Collective talk about their project, which was born from a hugely successful university society.

Join our Criminology society at their first event of the year, The Criminology Collective UK Project, where Jo and Libby will talk about the concept they developed over the past eighteen months or so, which is a successful and exciting social business venture, the Criminology Collective UK (CCUK).

The CCUK is a mutually beneficial collaborative experience that allows students and professionals to access previously untapped opportunities via an online hub that they would perhaps otherwise struggle to access, and was born from a hugely successful university society.

Everyone is welcome to attend, this event is about the value of creating and maintaining networks beyond the university campus, and beyond the duration of your studies.

The new Presdient, Lidia Stoica and Vice-President, Guilia Terragni of the Criminology society at Greenwich are keen to meet you at the event and when asked why students should attend, said:

Join our event and let us help you build your future here at Greenwich!

Event details: 

The Criminology Collective; a project by Jo Lear and Libby da Silva to connect students interested in criminology and criminal justice across London and the UK

Date: Thursday 27 September, 6.30pm
Venue:  Queen Anne 075, Greenwich campus

No booking is needed, just turn up - and you don't need to be studying criminology to attend.