Radio and Media studios in the Students' Union space at Dreadnought


The Students' Union has a fully functional radio studio complete with brand new equipment and software, with the Media Suite right next door.

You'll find the new studios behind the Welcome Desk. 

We have a fully functional Radio Studio, complete with brand new equipment and software.  The room is split by a soundproof glass pane creating two sections.  One will be the main radio studio with all the required equipment, and the other will be used as a viewing room or gallery.

The Media Suite is located right next door enabling students who are part of the Students' Union student media to work on the content.  It'll have three desks, each with its own computer.

Students will need to be part of the Radio and Media groups to gain access to these rooms as they will be locked at all times. To gain access students will have to sign in with the Welcome Desk in the Atrium.