Dreadnought: a week 1 update for staff working in the building


Thank you for your feedback on our newest space, this update provides information about the building temperature, the access control doors and DSE assessments.

If the area you're working or teaching in is hot and has radiators, please check these and adjust as necessary, opening windows (if appropriate) to cool the space.  The temperature in the building will improve once the plant in the basement is operational.  The basement opens on 8 October.

We have had feedback about a high pitched noise in some areas and believe this is caused when the main access control doors aren't closed properly or are propped open.  

We will improve the visibility of the the ramps/level changes in the carpeted areas by introducing a different carpet colour.

If your desk is now located in Dreadnought you will need to complete a new DSE assessment in the coming weeks. You should expect to receive this from your local DSE Assessor via the Workrite system shortly. Completing the assessment gives you the opportunity to raise any issues with your new workstation so they can be resolved.