Did you know we’re a Fairtrade University, and have been since 2012?


It recognises our commitment to selling Fairtrade items, promoting the Fairtrade ethos through events such as Fairtrade Fortnight and the increase in Fairtrade items available in our catering outlets.

Our Fairtrade Policy, signed by the Vice Chancellor, provides the university and our catering partners in the Sustainable Food Steering Group (the University of Greenwich and its caterers, the Students' Union and the Dome restaurant at Avery Hill) direction to follow and build from.

You are probably buying and enjoying fairly traded items without realising it as tea, coffee and hot chocolate served in our university catering outlets are certified Fairtrade (in addition to being Rainforest Alliance and Soil Association (organic) certified) and some of our snacks and fruit sold are also Fairtrade. Our partners at the Student's Union and at the Dome also sell Fairtrade and their activities and sales are included in our submission to retain our Fairtrade University status.

Over the last two years:

  • All of our catering services have increased the value of sales of Fairtrade goods by over 24%, with the Students' Union increasing sales by 51%, the Dome by 83% and all other catering outlets by 17%
  • We have sold over half a million pounds worth of Fairtrade items
  • We recruited graduates to develop and deliver successful Fairtrade Fortnight events and activities
  • We have highlighted the important work that our academic departments are doing in helping improve the ethics and sustainability of trade, including Fairtrade, such as the work done by Professor Jeremy Haggar at the world renowned Natural Resources Institute.

The Fairtrade Foundation said of our submission

A 24% increase overall in a 2 years is a great achievement, these figures show you have a truly effective and successful campaign in raising awareness and sales of Fairtrade products. Congratulations on your progress and outstanding reporting.

But there's always more we can do, so remember if you enjoy Fairtrade goods on campus, consider buying them outside the university too -  just look out for the logo when for example buying teas, coffees, chocolate and even clothing).

If you want to know more about Sustainability at Greenwich then please see our web pages or get in touch with us

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is system that enables producers in the developing world to receive better prices for their products (including foodstuffs such as tea, coffee, cocoa, in addition to fibres (cotton) and other products, wine, textiles etc.). 

Fairtrade also helps improve working conditions, providing funds to invest in better healthcare and education, in addition to improving farming practices, raising soil quality and delivering wider sustainability outcomes. 

A small Fairtrade 'Premium' is added to the cost of items to cover these outcomes. This may mean that the items consumed may have a marginally higher cost. This can be considered a worthwhile investment to ensure that the conditions of the people and the environment where the items are produced in are more ethical and sustainable.