Be fire safe, at home and in halls of residence


To avoid fire in your accommodation, follow this simple advice.

Recently there was a serious fire in a kitchen in one of our halls of residence.  Fortunately no one was harmed but there was a great deal of damage to the kitchen area, and the students have been relocated.

To avoid a fire in your accommodation, whether in halls or in the private sector, please do the following:

    1. Never leave cooking unattended

    2. Avoid using cooking equipment such as toasters, kettles, grills, rice cookers or hotplates on any surface apart from kitchen worktops

    3. Take care if deep fat frying and stay with the cooking at all times (note: deep fat frying is banned in halls of residence)

    4. Ensure electrical appliances are in good condition and 'CE' marked

    5. Never leave a naked flame such as a candle or lit cigarette unattended (note: these are banned in halls of residence)

Further fire safety advice is available on the London Fire Brigade website.