The GOLD scheme, while we are operating as a virtual campus


Greenwich Learning & Teaching are committed to supporting colleagues to develop and submit their GOLD applications for HEA fellowship during the period of online working/campus closures.

The face to face information sessions with mentors and mentees have now been paused as initial support is now being provided by email. Please email and your query will be redirected to one of the GLT academics with responsibility for GOLD. 

Individual advice will be given to mentors and/or mentees via telephone, email or video conference. Please note that the existing guidance for a mentee to have an appropriate mentor (i.e. one with HEA Fellowship themselves or one who has undergone the GLT GOLD mentor training), secured and agreed before they develop and submit their application still stands. It is envisaged that the mentor will work with their mentee to support them in developing their application in the usual way. However, this support and dialogue is likely to be provided via telephone, email or video conference, rather than through face to face discussions.

The HEA has issued guidance regarding the teaching observation requirement for an HEA fellowship application. The interpretation of the observation has now been altered to include a number of potential alternatives  for colleagues who are unable to have a live, face to face mentor observation. These alternatives can be discussed with a GLT academic to ensure that the right alternative is chosen to best align with the individual circumstances of the mentee.

GLT will be continuing with GOLD review panels, but these will be conducted remotely. An additional date for a panel has been created for Tuesday 23 June. The deadline for applications to be considered for this panel is Tuesday 2 June. All dates are listed online at the GOLD website.

In order for applications to be considered at any panel, all mentees are reminded that the Registration of Intent (RoI) form must be completed and sent to HR as per the existing GOLD application process. This form is now available online at the GOLD website. Mentees are reminded to complete the form and keep a copy for their own reference. Please note a mentee can only submit an RoI form in agreement with their approved mentor. The RoI form should be submitted to HR by the mentee the the mentor CCed into the email to signify that the mentor is aware of the mentees intent to develop and submit their GOLD application. 

All mentees are strongly encouraged to read and engage with all of the videos and resources about GOLD before they consider applying.‚Äč