If you’re a school governor, interested in becoming one, or want a better understanding of KS5/post-16 education then get in touch


Our Education Support Unit are developing the Greenwich Governors initiative, which aims to support existing staff school governors and identify those who’d like to be supported into a governor role.

Our Access and Participation Plan (2019-2020) states we are committed to increasing the number of staff who are school governors.  Not only is it an opportunity for staff to keep up to date with educational developments affecting Key Stage 5 (KS5)/post-16 students, it is a chance to get more involved in our local communities. 

Our Education Support Unit (ESU) are developing our Greenwich Governors initiative to:

  • Set-up a database of staff currently sitting on a school governing body,
  • identify staff who would like to be supported into a governor role.

If you currently sit on a Board of Governors, and are willing to share this information, please email Jan Orlebar the following details by 11 February*:

  • Governor role (e.g. parent or co-opted/community)
  • Length of service
  • School/college name
  • Type (e.g. primary, secondary, 6th form school, 6th form college or FE college)
  • School/college postcode

If you are not currently a school governor but are interested in finding out more about the roles and responsibilities, please email Jan Orlebar with an expression of interest by 11 February.  From this we aim to put together a coaching programme harnessing the expertise and insights from current staff governors, to support you into a governorship where you would take on institutional representation within a school or college within our networks.

If you have any questions about our Greenwich Governors project please get in touch with Jan Orlebar.

*Note: all information will be held securely and will only be used for the purpose of this survey.