Making Change at Greenwich: A crash course (1.5 hours) in making impactful change to your university experience


The sessions at Greenwich (25 Sept), Medway (26 Sept) and Avery Hill (27 Sept) will provide details of how you can get involved in student activism and change the lives of others.

In these first sessions, run by the Greenwich Students' Union, you'll hear about the tools to equip you to influence the Students' Union, university and the wider community.

They'll share more about the opportunities available for you to gain campaigning experience and be an advocate for change through The Big Choice October vote, our Academic Reps Network and Autumn Elections.

There's sessions on every campus, so book your (free) place via the Welcome events page.

  • Greenwich campus, Tuesday 25 September, 5-6.30pm, Dreadnought
  • Medway campus, Wednesday 26 September, 1-2.30pm, Mezzanine of the GK Union
  • Avery Hill campus, Thursday 27 September, 5-6.30pm, G104 Gray, Southwood site.