Health and Safety in Dreadnought, and at the university


All staff have a responsibility to themselves, other staff, students and visitors to work in a safe manner and in accordance with the university's Health & Safety Policy.

All Health & Safety arrangements for the workplace, which includes risk assessments and codes of practice for all activities must be considered and reviewed following the move to Dreadnought.

All staff must ensure they identify and familiarise themselves with their evacuation and alternative routes out of the building and their assembly point.

Staff should also make themselves aware of who their H&S Local Safety Officer(s) (HLSO) and Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessors are; please note you will need to update your DSE assessment following your move, which you will be prompted to complete.

Disability support/reasonable adjustments and a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) should also be updated as appropriate.

The Health & Safety Unit can advise HSLOs, managers and staff to achieve the above.

You can find further information about Health & Safety in the university in our policy.