Need to loan a laptop? Use LapSafe, which is available on all campuses


Student loan laptops are available in Avery Hill, Drill Hall Libraries and Stockwell Street Libraries. Here we share more about the service and how to access the laptops, which you can use anywhere on campus.

lapsafe lockerLoan laptops are available in each of our libraries, they are fully patched, networked, secure & ready-to-print and have all our standard software titles, including Microsoft 365, ready for you to use.

The laptops can be used anywhere on campus, and all our libraries offer a same-day loan option so you can use the laptop into the evening. At Drill Hall Library there is also a 3-day loan option, so you can work from home too.

Find out where to access them and check out the terms and conditions on our LapSafe page.

This short video shows how you can easily and quickly borrow a laptop from the LapSafe