Learning Analytics is available to students via the Study Goal app


Thank you to everyone who has logged into Data Explorer and engaged with the Learning Analytics data, which is now available to support students' learning through the new app.

From 3 December 2018 students can see their information via the Study Goal app, which they can download from their preferred app store.  

We have shared the following information with students:


Please speak to your students about Learning Analytics, and if you're a Personal Tutor, Programme or Module Leader then we're encouraging you to share the Data Explorer view with individual students as part of our commitment to being open and transparent.

Students will have access to the same information in the app that's available to you in Data Explorer but without the colour coding; Study Goal doesn't have a traffic light system. This guide: How staff can access Data Explorer provides a link to the Jisc Tutor guide and details of who to contact in your faculty if you can't see your students' data.

If you experience any technical issues accessing the Learning Analytics data please contact the IT Service Desk, or if you have questions about Learning Analytics please look in the FAQs before contacting the Director of Student Experience in your faculty.

What is Learning Analytics?

We have been working with Jisc on a new Learning Analytics tool, which uses data the university already collects to provide additional information to support students.  The information, available for Personal Tutors, Programme and Module Leaders in Data Explorer, collates information to prompt and inform conversations with students.

You can find out more about this in the earlier news story: Introducing Learning Analytics to support our students' learning