Learning and Teaching project funding awards announced


Professor Karen Bryan, Interim Provost is very pleased to announce the awards for additional funding for these Learning and Teaching projects.

The projects, which address an area of NSS or Evasys feedback and involve working with students to enhance the student experience in year, are:

  • Dr Andrew Hill (FLAS): 'Options, Options, Options - Module Option Videos'
  • Dr Gemma Mansi (FEH): Great Expectations: Reflected in Pedagogy?
  • Dr Gina Finnerty, Lisa Bennett (both FEH), Darrenlloyd Gent and Pradeepan Manickam (both FLAS): Development of an Avatar for first year BSc student midwives to complement their theoretical and practical learning.
  • Dr Camille Stengel and Dr Giulia Zampini (both FLAS): Transforming lives Inside Out: Developing a prison Education thinktank.
  • Irene Barranco Garcia and Sharon Perera (both ILS): Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)
  • Dr Debbie Bartlett and Deborah Sims (both FES): Designing Assessments as Preparation for Real World Practice.

Congratulations to all involved, and thank you to everyone who applied. More information on the outcomes of these projects will be reported in July.