Lecture Capture: our policy and FAQs


We are implementing electronic capture of all formal on-campus lectures from the start of the 2018/19 academic year, following an extensive pilot and detailed consultation with students and staff.

The policy, which also includes a set of accompanying FAQs and the university's response to Trade Union concerns, outlines the main pedagogical, technical, logistical and resourcing aspects of adopting Lecture Capture to achieve student success, improve engagement and retention and ensure university-wide consistency and operational effectiveness. 

The purpose of automated lecture capture is to supplement, not replace lectures.  Students are expected to attend all classes as usual.  Students are consistently telling the university and the Students' Union that they want lectures captured.  They view the recordings as adding value rather than a replacement for face to face teaching, which they value.

The educational benefits of lecture capture for our students are significant:

  • Students can revisit lectures and make better sense of complex material.
  • 45% of our students are commuter students and use their travel time to revise or go over lecture material.
  • By providing opportunities for self-paced and flexible learning, lecture capture enhances engagement.
  • The recordings enable anytime, anywhere access to multi-media learning materials to suit individual learning preferences.
  • It can enhance accessibility and inclusivity by providing materials and resources for students whose first language is not English, or those with special educational needs.
  • It provides a consistent student learning experience across the university.

If you have any questions about lecture capture, please speak to the Director of Learning and Teaching in your faculty.