MadeAtGre: Tackling food shortages in the developing world


We're proud to be part of the new MadeAtUni campaign which brings to life the impact of universities up and down the country on people, lives and communities.

There are so many good things coming out of UK universities which are not as visible as they should be to the public, and that's something this campaign coordinated by Universities UK aims to address.

The MadeAtUni campaign is about putting the public benefits of UK universities front and centre.

The first phase of the campaign focuses on research as UK universities lead the world in research with pioneering breakthroughs in cancer and improving everyday life through new digital technology, coming from research at UK universities.

We're proud to include our National Research Institute's work on tackling food shortages in the developing world in the first part of this campaign on the UK's Best Breakthrough list.

Cassava is a staple food for half a billion people in the developing world. Up to 40% of produce can be lost due to its short shelf life. Pests, diseases and access to markets are also challenges.

Through the MadeAtUni campaign we want to demonstrate that far from being just places of study, universities have a huge impact on people, lives and communities up and down the country.

You can see more about the 100+ ways universities have improved everyday life from Becky Adlington who talks about the impact research at UK universities has had on her life, in the video below.