NSS & GSS 2019: Where to find guidance for staff


It is essential that Academic staff familiarise themselves with the guidance available in Moodle. This year, the Greenwich Student Survey opens alongside the National Student Survey on 28 January.

This is the first year that we have run the Greenwich Student Survey (GSS) at the same time as the National Student Survey (NSS), there are similarities, but also differences.  

Students will receive email invitations to complete the surveys to their university email account.  Both surveys ask students about the whole of their academic experience at Greenwich.

The NSS is open for final year undergraduates from 28 January until 30 April, and is a national survey run by Ipsos Mori on behalf of the Office for Students.


It's important that Academic staff familiarise themselves with the guidance* for staff available in Moodle: NSS & GSS 2019  - the Directors of Student Experience (DSE) are sharing further details within faculties

You can encourage students to give their honest feedback on their student experience, but you must not exert inappropriate influence, the guidance for staff document, available in Moodle, provides more details.

You can also invite the Students' Union into your lectures to do a Shout Out - this year these will take place between 11 and 22 February, but you need to request these before 22 January.

The GSS is open for non-final year undergraduates from 28 January until 28 February, and is hosted by the university, using the Evasys software (which is also used for module evaluations).


In Moodle: NSS & GSS 2019 you can also find:

  • Information about the NSS and GSS surveys, 
  • The GSS survey questions,
  • Presentations for students to explain the NSS and GSS surveys, which can be customised for your area,
  • Information on booking a GSU Shout Out for the NSS and
  • Where to find and contribute to our 'Great things at Greenwich' content.

It's important that our students know why we're asking for their feedback in these surveys and know that we listen to what they tell us to improve our teaching and services.

If you have any questions about these surveys please contact your faculty DSE.

* This guidance has been updated to reflect OfS guidance on the acceptable uses of interim response rates, which are provided for the operational purpose of increasing the number of responses to the survey only.