Our One University Initiative, its projects and progress


Through this initiative we will identify areas where by working collectively and collaboratively across the university we can improve and adopt better ways of working together.

Like many large institutions, Greenwich has some complex ways of working. We recognise we need to review these to reduce some of the complexity, streamline processes to make them simpler and to be more joined up in our approaches. The recent staff survey expressed some frustration reflecting a perception from staff that it can be hard to 'get things done' and many colleagues expressed interest in bringing about positive changes in this area.

To proactively address these challenges the Operational Management Group in Professional Services has launched the One University initiative and identified some initial project activity.  The criteria for these projects are to focus on how we could break down barriers and unnecessary processes by working collectively and collaboratively across the whole university.  Improving the processes would not only enable us to deliver better outcomes for the university, but also positively impact our people who are key to their delivery.

A number of workshops have now taken place, led by internal facilitators who have been trained in the ProcessFix methodology.  The workshops involve staff, at all levels of our organisation, who are key contributors to each process and are therefore key to identifying where our existing processes can be improved, and in setting requirements for the project's delivery.

The workshop on Student Attendance Monitoring was fantastic. The facilitators really encouraged the group to engage and our opinions were really valued. It was great to be involved in devising a new process which encourages the university to work more collaboratively. 

Emma Denton, Retention Officer, Faculty of Education and Health

The initial projects that are part of our One University initiative are:

Project Aims to achieve
Student Attendance Monitoring Address the issues identified and agree a university-wide approach
Quality Assurance – Portfolio Review Process Redesign the portfolio review process and replace the existing periodic review
Banner Data Entry Reduce the paperwork involved in updating data, particularly for teaching staff
Timetabling: Optional Module Choices Avoid duplication which will help with the annual timetabling process
Invoicing workflow Reduce the duplication of invoice processing between faculties/directorates and Finance
Travel process Simplify the process for staff overseas travel, adopting a consistent approach university-wide

As the projects and One University initiative develops, there will be further information and updates on Internal News.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, or have projects for consideration as part of the One University initiative please email One University.

We will also be considering the One University initiative further at the next Leadership Forum* on 17 May, where we will hear from Heads of Departments about barriers to strategic delivery and discuss ideas to overcome those barriers.

Peter Taylor
Chief Operating Officer

* All Heads of Departments and Heads of Schools are invited members of the Leadership Forum.