Recording Engagement for PGR students from January 2019


We will capture and monitor engagement for research students using supervisory meetings records, students will be asked to submit their Postgraduate Research Student Logbook to faculties each month.

This approach was discussed and approved at the Research and Enterprise Committee in September 2018. The first date for submission will be 31 January 2019, a faculty administrator will check submissions and may be in contact with PGR supervisors to check information.

Please familiarise yourself with the policy, you can find guidance specifically for staff on our website

The following information has been published on the Student portal:  PGR students: Recording your engagement with your studies

Student attendance and engagement are widely recognised as being essential for academic success. For our self-directed research students, meeting regularly with their supervisory team, and attending coordinated activities, provides them with invaluable opportunities to seek feedback and guidance on their progress. It also enables them to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully achieve the outcomes of their programme.

The university is keen to support and maximise the potential of our students. In January 2018, a new Attendance & Engagement Policy was introduced to set out our expectations for student attendance, and provide a framework in which attendance and engagement is monitored. This policy aims to help us improve the attendance and engagement of our students, and ensure we are able to provide a pro-active approach to support when needed.

If you have any questions about the Attendance and Engagement Policy, please contact