Listen to our latest podcasts: The role of empathy in the justice system and myth busting on mosquitoes


Darrick Jolliffe and Frances Hawkes are the latest to take part in our Scholars in Spotlight podcast series.

Listen as Darrick, our head of Law and Criminology, and Frances, a Behavioural Entomologist, talk about two very different, but equally interesting topics.

Darrick Jolliffe's podcast is titled "Empathy & Justice System – Prisoners of our Empathy" and looks at how we as humans deal with prisoners and the role empathy can – and should – play in the process.

Darrick podcast

Frances Hawkes' podcast is titled "Eco Systems, Wetlands and Mosquitoes Facts" and explores the importance of Ecosystem and the importance of insects in habitats, whilst also challenging some myths about mosquitoes along the way.

Frances podcast

Previous podcasts in the series can be found in the Podcast Library.