Introducing the student curator of this year’s Greenwich Portraits


Jake Maynard, a third year BA student in Graphics and Digital Design, has spent the past few months working on the design and layout of this year’s exhibition. We asked him a few questions about the experience and what he learned. Over to you Jake...

How did you get involved with Greenwich Portraits 2019?

I saw a posting on the student job board and attended an interview with David Waterworth (the university's Galleries Curator), he decided I would be suited for the role and I jumped at the opportunity as it's so closely related to my studies.

What have you enjoyed about the experience?

Working with the Alumni Team, having the opportunity to become more competent and confident with pitches and work interactions and the challenge of delivering the final designs to a high standard.

What have you learnt throughout the project?

Professionalism when dealing with critique from clients and peers. Also, more refined time management, in terms of studying alongside my degree – if more design work needed to be done, I was the person to do it, and would adjust my schedule accordingly.

How have you found managing your time between designing the exhibition and your degree? Do you have any advice or tips for students on how to manage workloads?

I have been working part-time alongside my full-time degree since first year, so I was already accustomed to managing my time. It sounds pedantic, but lists, lists, lists. I cannot stress the importance of knowing how much you need to achieve in a given time-frame and breaking it down into manageable segments.

What are your plans after university?

I plan to remain in London, seeking internships and junior roles, improving my portfolio of works and experience in whichever way and whatever form. I've definitely grown from this experience and strongly recommend grasping every opportunity that comes your way.

Greenwich Portraits 2019 opens at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Stockwell Street from Thursday 21 February - Friday 15 March.

If you'd like to find out more about the project, head to our Alumni website.