Project Ascent: General Ledger (G/L) to go live on 1 August


The project’s governance groups have taken the difficult, but correct decision, to activate our contingency delivery plan. This update provides further details of the two delivery phases.

Following detailed discussions, the project’s Steering Committee and Design Group have taken the decision to activate our contingency delivery plan.  This focuses on the General Ledger (G/L) going live on 1 August, with the remaining modules following at a later date.

Both groups are aware of the tremendous level of effort that everyone involved in the project has already made.  The decision was both difficult and disappointing, but the project’s governance groups believe it is the right decision to ensure a successful deployment.

Project Ascent will now focus on the work required for the G/L to go live on 1 August.  Once this has concluded we will re-plan the delivery of the remaining modules.

The overriding principle is by delaying User Acceptance Testing (UAT) we will have additional time to consolidate our knowledge and resolve any remaining open items so UAT will be of increased value. The ongoing work of all our subject matter experts and project champions mean we’re in a strong position to be able to reach a safe and confident full deployment.

We know this will come as a disappointment to many, but we are continuing to work to ensure we can deliver operational ready processes that will allow transformational processes from day one.

We will provide further updates on the changes to be delivered in Phase 1, and how they will affect people who use the HR and Expenses functions in Horizon, and delivery of the full solution in Phase 2.  In summary, our revised plan will deliver:

Phase 1: Changes to Chart of Accounts with Horizon Platform including

  • HR
  • Payroll
  • Expenses
  • Finance StructuresRevenue Recognition of Tuition fees calculated by Banner

This presentation provides high-level information to the Chart of Accounts (CoA).

Phase 2: Full Solution including

  • Finance – Processing and reporting of Financial Transaction, Payments and Receipts
  • Research – Research Project and Grant Financial Management.
  • Projects – Capital Project Financial Management
  • Procurement – Purchasing of Goods and Supplier Management

If you have any questions about the changes to Project Ascent, please contact the project team at