An update on our commitment to the Real Living Wage


The university remains committed to paying all staff the Real Living Wage. We will implement these changes for contractor staff in May 2020.

Following the work, which started in March 2019, to procure a new Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) contract we have reached a key milestone.  We have completed the tender process and have identified our preferred supplier, and are currently in the required legal "standstill period" which ends in the middle of January.

Our expectation is that the new arrangements will come into effect in May 2020 following a preparation period to ensure a smooth transition. Under the new contractual arrangement all individuals will be paid the Real Living Wage and will receive the same occupational sick pay and holiday entitlement at an equivalent level as a directly employed member of university staff.

In parallel to this the university has been working closely with our catering provider to agree that the teams they employ in our campus cafes will receive these same pay and conditions. The additional investment by the university for these changes has been made possible by the improved commercial terms secured in the IFM contract.

Alongside the emphasis on staff, the university has also focused the IFM contract to deliver benefits for students. It will deliver transformational student-focused services and includes a requirement to provide enhanced training and employment opportunities for our students.

The university will continue to work with our partners and provide more information as we make further progress.