Updated campus and post room access restrictions


There is now restricted access to all campuses, a limited service at the post rooms, and all gates at the Greenwich campus will be closed.

Post rooms

The post in the post rooms is being received and sorted weekly but will remain in the post room or the gatehouse. 

We ask for representatives from each faculty / department to collect weekly and we would like to know who these individuals are. We will sort the post as far as we are able on a skeleton site staff who are working on a rota system and may not necessarily be as familiar with the post as the regular staff.

The Medway post room will operate on Monday mornings only, and Avery Hill's will be open on Wednesdays.

No personal post is to be sent to site and please only order essential items at this time as all campuses have limited storage.

Closure of all gates at Greenwich

The site at the Old Royal Naval College will close from 5pm on Tuesday 24 March and all gates will remain closed until further notice.

We strongly encourage staff to collect their essential belongings before midday 25 March as we want to avoid opening buildings unnecessarily any longer than possible. A security presence will remain on site until further notice but they will be busy patrolling all of the buildings and securing the sites.

Access to campuses and university buildings

Staff and contractors will need to show their ID to be allowed onto site, and any staff wanting to access the university buildings will need to complete on of two forms:

The completed forms should be sent to the relevant campus facilities manager.