Download Safezone, the personal safety app for everyone at Greenwich


The app is free to download, and use, and is designed to put you in touch with the onsite first aiders, security or emergency response teams more quickly, when needed.

SafezoneSafezone is available to download from your usual App Store. When you login make sure you use your university email address, and provide a mobile phone number - the app doesn't accept landlines.

You can download the app, login and start using it today. 

For help on getting started using Safezone see How it Works on the Safezone site, which also includes a helpful Frequently Asked Questions section.  The app is GDPR compliant and a privacy impact assessment has been completed for its use.

In an emergency, every second counts

Safezone speeds up the potential response time as you don't need to know your exact location, or the university's emergency contact numbers. And you don't need to explain what type of assistance you require. With the push of a button, that information is instantly shared and an appropriate responder can be dispatched.

If you've got a PEEP you can also 'check in' during an evacuation, so that the Security team know you are waiting in one of the dedicated refuges. It also allows first aiders to more easily identify anyone with a personal/medical care plan and allow them to act accordingly.

We can also use Safezone to send out safety messages, for example, if we need to close a building.

Checking in

If you're on campus it's good to get into the habit of using the check in function, and if you want to you can set it to do this automatically when you set foot on campus.

Our security staff do not actively monitor your location when you use the check in function, they will only look at your location when an alert is raised or if you have been asked to check, for example if first aid assistance is required.

Staff: if you're lone working the check in function can be used to set a timer; it warns you when it's about to expire, and if the timer lapses an emergency alert is raised.

Additionally, staff such as first aiders or members of our emergency response group (ERG), can be made aware of incidents where their assistance may be required, and can confirm their availability by checking in.

Safezone can be used anywhere 'on campus'

This includes Hamilton House, Bathway theatre, Devonport House, the Powerhouse and our accommodation blocks.

The 'call emergency services' option works anywhere in the world and will automatically direct the call to the relevant number for that region, i.e. 911 if you're in America or 112 if you're in Europe – you can then tell them your GPS location which shows in the app.

If you have any questions about Safezone, or safety on campus please contact the Safety Unit.