Security, access and your Greenwich Gateway card at Dreadnought


The ground floor is open to members of the public and access control is installed to manage access to teaching spaces, IT labs and staff offices.

All entrances to Dreadnought will be monitored by CCTV and during the building's opening hours a security guard at the main entrance, alongside the FM Office (at the College Way entrance).  

Please ensure you have your Greenwich Gateway card when on campus

You will need to use your Greenwich Gateway card to access and move around the non-public areas of the building, so please ensure you have it with you, and preferably wear it, while you are on campus.  You'll also need it to gain access to the library and building 11 at Stockwell Street, and you may be asked to show it when entering other university buildings.  

If you lose your ID card:  a replacement can be obtained from the Student Centre in Dreadnought, or student centres on other campuses, during normal office hours, and only on weekdays.  If you arrive at Dreadnought without a card you should report to FM Office in the first instance.

Parent room

Baby change facilities are available in the Disabled toilets on the ground floor of Dreadnought.