A new home for the Students' Union on Greenwich campus


The Full-time Officers will have an office here, as well as our full-time staff team. Students will be able to drop in to talk to us, and you'll find us in the Atrium on a regular basis.

Greenwich Students' Union (GSU) offices are located on the Romney Road/King William Walk side of the Dreadnought  and will be the home of its full-time staff team. We look after Governance & Finance, Student Activities, Commercial Services, Marketing & Communications, Representation & Advice. 

The Full-time Officers will also have an office there, and the Students' Union will still have a place on the Avery Hill Campus. 

Students will be able to drop in on Student Activities and the Full-time Officers easily with the open doors that lead directly onto the Atrium. The remaining offices will be accessible through the walkway next to the Galley café

Students and staff will be able to make appointments and check availability through the Welcome Desk team.  

You'll find us in the Atrium on a regular basis, ranging from running stalls for Welcomefest or Elections, to carrying out meetings and staff drop in meetings.