The Book Club Club


Do you run or belong to a book club in the university? Are you interested in starting one? Our libraries might be able to help you...

Book clubs are a popular and fun way of encouraging and sharing knowledge and interest of all kinds of subjects in different contexts. They can be for students, Academics or Professional Services staff at every level, or all three. They might be a more general literature group or a special interest group, such as BAME, LGBT+ etc.

Our libraries could help you start, grow and maintain your book club, they might be able to:

  • Assist in forming a book club for your particular interest group,
  • Purchase copies (or additional copies) of the books being read by the club,
  • Promote awareness of the book club throughout the university,
  • Help make spaces available for book club meetings,
  • Arrange speakers for book club meetings.

There could be other ways to support you too, so they're keen to hear from you to find out more.  Who knows, what possibilities you might discover once you start talking, or where it might lead.  

Please contact Stuart Inman, Stockwell Street Library to find out how the Book Club Club could help you.