New and upcoming university events: 16 November - 9 December


A film screening at the Greenwich Picturehouse and a talk on how to reduce your plastic usage.

Upcoming events

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DateEvent details
Sat 10 November - Sat 15 DecemberSound/Image (2018) Exhibition, Greenwich campus
Tues 20 NovemberLearning, Quality and Standards Committee, Greenwich campus
Wed 21 NovemberRents you pay yourself and invisible services your bank provides, Greenwich campus
 Open lecture on Pedagogic Research, Greenwich campus
Thurs 22 NovemberIncome-Led Growth in Korea: Evaluation and Prospects, Greenwich campus
Sat 24 NovemberUniversity Open Day, all campuses
Mon 26 NovemberCoccolith film screening, Greenwich Picturehouse
Tues 27 NovemberBig Picture seminar: Hugh Taylor: Living well and dying well, Greenwich campus
Wed 28 NovemberGRE Research & Enterprise Awards & Celebration, Medway campus
Thurs 29 NovemberWorkshop on Financialisation, Growth and Welfare State, Greenwich campus
 Black History Season seminar series 2018-19: Professor Lucy Bland, Greenwich campus
Tues 4 DecemberLoudspeaker Orchestra concert series: Barry Truax, Greenwich campus
Wed 5 DecemberSchool of Science Research Seminar Series: Dr Guillaume Debo, Medway Campus
Thurs 6 DecemberHow to give up plastic: Changing the world one plastic bottle at a time

New events

The following event has been added to the calendar this week:

  • Coccolith film screening, 26 November

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