University of Greenwich hosts Hollywood Writer-Director Edgar Wright


This event was organised in collaboration with Industry Speaks, which connects students with professionals across the creative industries.

On Tuesday 21st November, the University of Greenwich’s School of Stage and Screen welcomed Hollywood A-list writer-director Edgar Wright to the Stockwell Theatre, to share stories from his career in film and tv with Greenwich students.

The sold-out session saw more than more than 200 students in attendance. Wright discussed his journey from fledgling filmmaker as a teenager to breaking through into the professional industry. Edgar Wright

One of the students in attendance expressed gratitude to Edgar on the day saying:

‘Thank you so much for coming to speak with us Edgar! You are such a big inspiration for me and hearing your advice makes me so much more passionate to create. So again, thank you.’

Another said:

‘The stories of your experiences have sparked a stronger will to pursue film. It's because of your films that I came to Greenwich to study film.’

Edgar has made many successful films of the last 20 years including Shaun of the dead (2004), Hot fuzz (2007), Scott Pilgrim vs the world (2010), Baby driver (2017) and Last night in Soho (2021).