University of Greenwich partners with virtual production and image robotics specialist, Mo-Sys Engineering


The partnership will allow students, staff and the local community to learn about virtual production.

Mo-Sys are global leaders in creating original and highly sophisticated camera technology products for film and broadcast, producing high-quality augmented reality, virtual reality and virtual production (a method of filmmaking and television production that uses technology to create realistic environments on a virtual set). Mo-Sys

Michael Geissler, CEO Mo-Sys Engineering said:

‘This partnership is important to us as there are few people in our industry with the skills we need to continue to innovate and grow our business. It’s about filling that skills gap not only for us, but also for our clients, who don’t yet fully understand virtual production. So, it also helps us develop that understanding. I see us as a gateway to the industry through our client base.’

Through this partnership, the University of Greenwich will co-design virtual production training programmes for industry professionals, partake in research and knowledge exchange projects to identify new products in the sector and provide employment and work placement opportunities for students in the competitive film industry.

Professor Misha Myers, Head of School of Stage and Screen said:

‘With rapid changes in technological advancement, virtual technologies and the skills to use them, are becoming highly sought after in the film and television industry. This partnership with Mo-Sys is important to the university as it means we can offer opportunities to gain industry experience in this fast-growing area. Alongside, that we have equipped our studios with a virtual production system designed by Mo-Sys to advance research in future technologies and test and discover new industry solutions together.’