Update 3: September 2016


This update covers EU Student Fees and Financial Support and the five key priorities set out by Universities UK for ensuring Universities are able to thrive following EU withdrawal.

EU Student Fees and Financial Support

The Government has yet to release information clarifying the EU students' fee status and loan eligibility for 2017/18.

Universities UK and the higher education sector

Universities UK (UUK) has set out five key priorities for ensuring Universities are able to thrive following EU withdrawal, including:

  1. Support to enhance international research collaboration and innovation
  2. Policies to enhance the UK as an attractive destination for highly skilled international, including  EU staff, and immigration reforms
  3. Ensuring the UK is an attractive destination for international and EU students
  4. Stable and sustainable public investment in research and innovation
  5. Global mobility for UK students and staff

Significant emphasis has been placed on ensuring the continued access to and influence over pan-European research, continued access and mobility of highly skilled international staff and students, and the maintenance of international mobility programmes, in particular ERASMUS+.

For further information on the work being undertaken by UUK in this area, in particular the assurances and pledges it is seeking to acquire during the transition period, please visit the UUK pages.

Europe, the University, and our local communities

The University is delighted that Greenwich remains an attractive destination of study for our EU and international students, and we would like to extend a very warm welcome to all those who are now busy settling into their new programmes. If you are a prospective student from the European Union and are considering applying to the University of Greenwich, you can find further details of the programmes available and the application process at Studying at the University of Greenwich.

The University is exceptionally proud of its relationships with its local communities, in particular the impact our research and enterprise activities delivers in the region. Martin Davis, Director of Greenwich Research and Enterprise, recently supplied the following comment to Kent local radio station KM-FM:

Our research and enterprise benefits from EU membership. For example, the EU funds research on drug delivery, green energy and emergency evacuations, and it has helped us to support SMEs in the region. We do not expect the referendum to have any immediate impact on these arrangements. As we plan for potential changes to come, the university remains committed to working for the economic prosperity, and wider success, of Medway, Kent and the South East.