Results of the 2018 University Student Survey (USS)


Over 800 students completed this survey – thank you. The results have been shared with faculties, who are considering the feedback raised and subsequent actions.

Student feedback through surveys like the USS helps the university decide which improvements to prioritise.  This year's survey was also used to compare the engagement and satisfaction of students who live close to the university and those who commute longer distances, with the intention to better support our many commuting students.

Commuter students are much more common than many people think and at many universities it is the norm; a recent report by our Vice Chancellor, Professor David Maguire and David Morris, Vice Chancellor's Policy Officer, highlights that more support is needed for commuter students.

In 2019 the survey will be renamed the Greenwich Student Survey (GSS) and will take place alongside the National Student Survey (NSS), which both start at the end of January. Further information will be available to students on the portal.

The 2018 survey also included the UK Engagement Survey, which was run in cooperation with Advance HE, a charitable body funded by higher education institutions to improve learning and teaching, equal opportunities and leadership in higher education.  This allows us to compare our results with those of the sector and with similar groups of universities, such as London universities.

For example, the graph below shows that the 67% of Greenwich respondents who often or very often combine ideas from different modules when completing assignments compares well with the HE sector response of 63%.