Re-introducing the VP Student Activities blog


Jono Smith, Vice President Student Activities, shares the first in a new series of updates highlighting our sports teams and societies. Over to you, Jono...

Hi everyone and welcome to the re-birth of the VPSA blog. My vision is to highlight some of our students and/or student groups with the hope that they feel proud to be featured in a blog just as I was. To understand what I mean, let's roll back the clock to last January.


Last year I was contacted by the then VPSA, Louis Hale, who asked if he could ask me a few questions for a blog he was starting. If you know me, you'll know that I jumped at the chance. I mean, at the time, rugby were flying high at the top of the league and I was just as proud of what we were doing off the pitch as well. I saw this as a great opportunity to highlight just how happy I was. 

The VPSA gave me the platform to do this, and now I want to extend this opportunity to some of our current students who, as you'll discover, are incredible! As well as this, I will highlight some of the key work I have been doing and talk about some of the other cool things going on at the University of Greenwich and Greenwich Students' Union.

dreadnought su pic 

So, with the desire to bring back the blog started last year, here is a taste of the sort of things I want to highlight that have already happened this year:

  • Women's hockey making an awesome start to the season, currently they are undefeated
  • Our societies taking over Lower Deck nights. The Hispanic, Indian and We are Techno society to name a few...
  • Volleyball have played their first competitive fixtures
  • Amazing Activities Exec residential to Brighton
  • Brand new kit! You can buy your STASH here
  • Successful Charlton partnership day celebrations
  • Announcement of the introduction of sport scholarships for 2019/20
  • Development of a society offer as well as Team Greenwich offer in the Lower Deck
  • Lower Deck sponsorships for our student groups

charlton partnership 

It is worth noting that the content of my blog could potentially keep evolving and changing from blog to blog but the sort of things you can expect include:

  • Interviews
  • Highlighting student group events
  • Society showcases
  • Highlighting key results or big upcoming fixtures
  • Updates on what your VPSA is working on
  • Key university and students' union news

If you're a budding writer/blogger and want to do something similar, then I've got some incredibly exciting news. The student newspaper will be coming back to Greenwich after its hiatus. The new paper will be online and have multiple sections that cover everything from Fashion to Sport and Political opinions. If you want to find out more then please don't hesitate to drop me an Email.

This is just a short introduction to the VPSA blog but look out for the first proper edition coming out soon. If you see an opportunity for new content to be covered in the blog, once again, please send me an email.