Please have your ID cards visible when on campus


Your Greenwich Gateway card helps identify you as a Greenwich student/staff member and is one of the ways we can all contribute to secure campuses.

Please have your ID card visible, either by wearing on a lanyard or on a belt, when you are on campus. If your card isn't visible you may be asked by our Security team and students or members of staff to show your ID card to check who you are.

You can also help by:

  • Asking people politely who you don't know/recognise who are not displaying their university ID or a visitor pass and in an area which isn't open to the public, who they are and if they need any help. Please report any concerns or suspicious behaviour to security.
  • Remembering to take off your ID when you leave campus.
  • Never putting an image of your ID online or on social media.
  • Never share your card with anyone else

Thank you for your cooperation with this.