University is incredible opportunity to meet new people from far and wide. Here are 5 tribes you may bump into on your adventure.

University is incredible opportunity to meet new people from far and wide. You'll make friendships that last a lifetime – but who will you click with? These are some of the tribes you may or may not meet on your adventure.

The rich kid

While you're making frugal choices such as pasta and eggs, he's in the next aisle, filling a basket with champers and steak. Suddenly, that mac and cheese you were looking forward to seems very sorry indeed.

The activist

There's always one friend who is really into a cause. They talk earnestly about it – day and night, given the chance. While you applaud their principles, you tend to get weary of the discussions. An introduction to a friend with opposing views can make for some lovely fireworks.

The gap year yearner

She's been to Vietnam. Ecuador. Bali. Burma. And she's determined to tell you about Every. Single. One. She shows you photo after photo until your brain's gone numb. Not to worry. She's got the travel bug. She'll be off again very soon.

The sports freak

He's always in lycra and he's the fittest person you know. When you get up in the morning, he's already run five miles. He's impressively disciplined and watches his diet like a hawk. Helpfully, he watches yours too: "Do you know what sodium content is in that?!" You put the olive down.

The swot

The swot is friendly and amiable, but very rarely spotted – unless you live in the library. Obsessed with grades, he works long into the night. When everyone takes a break, he alone refuses a beer, smiling apologetically and saying he's "got loads to do". In truth, his essay's finished and he's started the next assignment. Just watch his ecstasy when he gets that much-dreamed of First.

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