Wellbeing support for dyslexia and disability


We want you to get the best out of your studies, whatever your ability. Explore the support available to you if you have a physical or learning disability, or think that you might have dyslexia.

If you're a disabled student or have special educational needs, there's no reason why you shouldn't excel at the University of Greenwich. We want you to succeed and so we're committed to providing you with the extra support you need throughout your time with us.

Your Student Wellbeing Service

The Student Wellbeing Service provides information, guidance and support to both disabled students and students with learning difficulties who work and study at the university, and to those who aspire to do so.

We have a Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator for disability and dyslexia on each campus and appointments can be made via the Student Wellbeing department.

Register with the Student Wellbeing Service at the start of your first term so that the university can make appropriate and reasonable adjustments for your disability, dyslexia or other specific learning disability. You are advised to register as early as possible to allow time for adjustments to be made.

We strongly advise you to register with a GP as soon as you get to uni, too. There are the GPs local to each campus. That way, you've got all the support you need, and a range of treatment options. It's often difficult for the Student Wellbeing Service to refer someone for National Health Service (NHS) treatment unless they've registered with a GP, and this can delay them getting the treatment they need.

We provide ongoing information and support, and advice on IT requirements and access at our campuses. Our webpages outline all you need to know.

If you're concerned, contact us for more information. Every case is different, so please do call and speak to us.

Anne, Student Wellbeing Service

Disabled Student Allowance

Application for Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) is lengthy and evidence requirements are specific. If you have a disability, it is best to gather your evidence at least year before intend to start your course. If you haven't been able to gather your evidence and want to apply through Clearing, give us a call on the details below and ask to be put through to a disability advisor.

Study skills and assisted technology are generally provided via the DSA. If you are a UK student we can help you apply for these funds to cover extra costs.

If you are an International or EU student you are not eligible for DSA, but we can still help by showing you where assisted technology is available on the network, advise you about free software and can direct you to other kinds of study skills resources.


If you have mobility issues, it is especially worthwhile to visit the campus. Come to Open Days or campus tours, ask for advice about what you need, and enquire about what is already available. Access on our campuses is generally very good, but there are issues in a few of the more historic buildings. Let us know your needs early on so that we can make requests for changes.

Look at the requirements of your subject and choose one that plays to your strengths. Don't forget to factor in travelling time if you don't live on campus; a few hours of commuting could make you tired.

Dyslexia support

If you're worried, and think you may be dyslexic, book a screening appointment. If you are at risk you will be referred for a full assessment. If you have been diagnosed as dyslexic, visit our offices and bring your evidence with you.

It is useful for programme leaders and personal tutors to know you are dyslexic as special arrangements can be made on your behalf, for example, for exams. You can also get extra time on short term library loans and help using catalogues.

Contact the Student Wellbeing Service

Call our office on 020 8331 7875 or e-mail

Find out more online about the support available to you.

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