Criminology graduate. Researcher. Polymath.


Monika explores the workings of the criminal mind and puts her knowledge into practice at Crimestoppers.

Born in Bulgaria, Monika Durova has a lifelong love of science. Fascinated by the effect of upbringing and biology on anti-social behaviour, she chose to study criminology and criminal psychology at the University of Greenwich.

Highlights of her programme include courses in forensic criminology and investigative psychology. She's also proud of winning the opportunity to become a paid research assistant on the Super-Recognisers project, a university initiative to find people who are exceptionally good at recognising faces.

Super-recognisers could have a role in law enforcement, and Monika helped test police officers for the ability. She says: "This was huge for me, as the project could have a real impact on the country's security. I'm proud of that."

Monika also enjoyed her placement at Crimestoppers, an organisation that helps to locate criminals and solve crimes. Helped by university staff to prepare, she won the role after impressing with her interview skills and CV. "It's been a good opportunity to put my knowledge into practice," she says. "I spend one day a week there and kind of do everything. I'm going through different teams, and I do a little bit of marketing and media."

In her spare time, Monika volunteers for the charity Sova, where she mentors current and ex offenders with mental health issues.

She has many other interests. These range from martial arts, swimming and gymnastics to drawing, painting and sketching. She also loves IT and is considering following her degree with a Master's in computer science.

Monika, who graduated in July 2017, is proud of what she's achieved at the University of Greenwich and is keen to encourage others to study here: "I feel like I've done a lot with the university. I want to show other students what opportunities they have."