It may be your first home away from home, so here's a guide on what to expect from campus life.

With all the buzz of city living, why would you choose to live on a cosy campus? For five very cushy reasons…   

1. Safety first  

We know how it is. You'll go out, have a couple of drinks, and try out a few new dance moves. But the important thing is to get home safely. And the best way to do this is to travel home in groups. Which is a lot easier when you're all travelling to the same campus. That's one big jazzy sell.

2. A home away from home

No one likes to feel homesick, which is why choosing to live on campus is such a great idea. It's cosy and it's safe. You'll get to know all the secret shortcuts of your route, the little quirks of your room, and the familiar smells of the kitchen (which might not be as great as you hope). But when you step through the front gate, you'll know you're back in your second home. 

3. Bonding time

Living on campus means that you're more likely to bump into the same people, and chances are, you'll talk to them. Making friends is that bit easier when you have something in common – i.e. you live in the same halls. And when you're living, partying and sleeping in the same place as other people, you're bound to bond that little bit quicker (especially when they all see that teddy you just can't catch zzz's without).

4. As handy as it gets  

Living on campus is convenient. There's everything from laundry rooms to coffee shops, bars to counselling services. It's a safety net – so if you ever don't feel like venturing further than a few metres, you'll still be able to get a bite to eat. That way, you'll grab something a bit better than cold baked beans (not that we're judging your cooking skills).

5. Stretching deadlines 

There's nothing worse than knowing you need to pull an all-nighter at library when it's freezing cold and pitch black. But when you live on campus, it's no biggie. You can quickly pop to the library and be back at your desk in no time. And once you've handed your work in, you'll only have a quick walk before you can jump back into bed with a cuppa. Winning.  

Avery Hill

For all the reasons above, and many more, our Avery Hill Campus is fantastic for first-year students. It consists of two sites, Mansion Site and Southwood Site, both of which are located in the 86-acre Avery Hill Park in Eltham, South-east London. Only a few minutes' walk apart, these two Victorian sites house some of the best teaching, living and sporting facilities.

The Student Village complex offers accommodation, a shop, a launderette and nearby sporting amenities. Mansion Site has a café, a canteen and general shop. Down the road at Sparrows Farm, there is a students' union bar and entertainment facilities. Outside there is the Airdome, an indoor football facility shared between Charlton Athletic Football Club and the university. You couldn't want for more. We've got it covered.


Our Medway Campus is in Chatham Maritime, Kent, a county known as the Garden of England. The campus has easy access to the Kent coast and is an hour from central London.

Steeped in naval history, it is home to three universities (the other two are University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University). Around 10,000 students make up this campus community, and there is a joint student union. On-campus accommodation for University of Greenwich students comprises 350 rooms in five halls of residence.

There are multiple cafés and bars on campus, including the Pembroke, Pilkington and Coopers buildings. In front of the Drill Hall Library and the sports hall is an attractive piazza-style front area, with outdoor seating, plants, lighting and space for events. There is also plenty of green, open space, with a tennis court on site.

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