Forensics student. Investigator. Promoter.


Award winner Martin loves uncovering the truth and spreading his love of forensics to a wider world.

Originally from Peru, Martin Sanchez Horna moved to Germany with his family at the age of nine. After relocating to the UK, he began his studies at the University of Greenwich, following his Bachelor's degree in forensic science with a Master's in forensic genetics.

Martin's a big fan of the university's facilities. For forensic science students, these include a room with recreated crime scenes. "I really like the hands-on experience that you get," he says. "The crime scene room is a really large space. There's a bedroom, there's a pub – it's possible to create any kind of scenario."

Martin praises the university's teaching staff. "The lecturers give us experience that is second to none. My course leader was a fingerprint expert in the Metropolitan Police. Having a person like that teaching me, someone who trained forensic scientists in the Met, was just amazing."

Martin got really involved in the social side of student life. Encouraged by a friend, he became treasurer of the university's Forensic Science Society. "I got so into it. Everyone was welcome to join, even if they weren't doing forensics." The society hosted forensics workshops, and Martin's lecturers praised him for helping open up forensics to students from other disciplines.

Martin's work was also recognised by professional body the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, who gave him a best achievement in forensics award.

Martin is considering a PhD and hopes to share his academic and personal experiences with young adults. For now, he's just really positive about the university and its staff. "The programme was great, and the support was amazing. People always had their doors open for me."