How to have a healthy body and healthy mind at uni - with a healthy bank balance to match.

Eating cheaply at uni doesn't have to mean baked beans and instant noodles. With creativity and a little effort, there's no reason why your menu can't be more exciting.

Shop smart

Smart shopping is the first step to inexpensive eating. Choose foods that are in season and keep an eye on your budget. Compare prices in the supermarket and consider buying own-brand products. You may well find that fruit and veg is cheaper at a market. In store items with one day left on the expiry are often reduced to clear. Shop in the evening to get those expiry day bargains.

Health is wealth

It's a good idea to stay away from ready-made and processed food. They tend to cost more than home-made versions and contain more fat, salt and sugar. Plus, they don't make you feel as full as low sugar alternatives.

Buy in bulk

Cooking in batches can be a good way to make the most of your money. Ingredients often work out cheaper bulk-bought and you can freeze as much as you want. We guarantee you'll thank us when it's revision time and you just want something quick you can bung in the microwave!

Get creative

Being a student is no excuse to ignore your five a day fruit and veg. Although it's tempting to survive on takeaways, they're expensive and not always nutritious. A good tip is to choose frozen and canned fruit and veggies. They keep longer and there's less chance of you wasting food. Having said that, there are plenty of ways you can make the most of leftovers. Freeze them or be creative and make new meals and dishes. A quick zip round the Internet will soon give you ideas. Jamie Oliver's 'Cheap and Cheerful' page is a great place to start.

Learning to cook for yourself is all part of the great uni adventure. Discover what else is in store here at the University of Greenwich.