Kick off the uni adventure in the best way possible with these seven freshers' tips.

So you've got your uni place – and here you are: right at the very start of an incredible adventure. To kick the experience off in the best way possible, we've got a few hints and tips that can make all the difference.

Join in!

In your first couple of weeks (known as Freshers' Fortnight, 17-30 September), there will be all kinds of activities happening. It's your chance to sign up for sports clubs or student-run societies, and to get out and meet people. Remember that everyone is feeling nervous about making new friends, so be yourself, and speak to lots of people.

Freshers Fair

Find out when your campus Freshers' Fair is happening – this in an opportunity to have some fun with your new friends, but an even better chance to pick up some freebies, check out the student-run groups, and learn more about your university and Students' Union.

Get social

Get involved early and join freshers' Facebook pages to meet up before you get to uni. Check out the student groups on the Students' Union websites – you could find someone else who loves what you love!

Wherever you are on our three campuses, you can enjoy the benefit of the University of Greenwich Students' Union, and if you're at Medway Campus, you also have access to the joint University of Greenwich and Kent University Students' Union.

Make an effort

The first week is also the time to meet fellow students and tutors. If your department holds induction sessions, make the time to attend.

Personal tutors

The same goes for your personal tutor meetings. Now's the time to get their contact details and start building a relationship. Remember: this is the person who'll be helping you succeed at university.

Find your way around

Learn your environment, find out what student services the University and Students' Unions have to offer. Download useful apps to your phone and learn the local transport system.

Check out the library

Visit the nearest library on campus and find out where the books for your course are kept. At the University of Greenwich, we have extensive, modern library facilities at each of our three campuses. That makes it easy to access all the info you need.

Log in

When you start at the University of Greenwich, log in to our systems and exclusive student portal. The portal has a wealth of advice that could prove indispensable in the future.

There's so much to discover. Good luck – and have fun!