Budgeting and bargain-hunting are skills for life. Uni is the perfect time to start developing your eye for a good deal.

The adjective 'cash-strapped' has long been applied to students. Surviving on loans and part-time jobs, you've got to count your pennies. Thankfully, there are all kinds of ways to do that – and some are even fun!

Student discounts

Student deals and discounts can be a real life-saver.  And you might be surprised how many businesses offer them. These days, you can find most of them listed on sites like Student Money Saver. But it's worth asking around whenever you're out and about. It means you don't have to consign yourself to life without treats or luxuries. Cheap cinema tickets and restaurant deals mean you can still enjoy a night out.  

Budget, budget, budget

When your student loan comes in, it's tempting to spend, spend, spend. Stop: don't do it. Look at how much you've got coming in, tot up your outgoings and create a weekly or monthly budget. The simple rule is never spend more than your income.

Second-hand is first-class

Many students buy used text books. But your second-hand purchases don't have to stop there. Need new clothes or electricals? Why not try Ebay, Freecycle or thrift shops? Shopping around can also help you find the best prices – Ikea is always hard to beat, and the students union at Greenwich has run free mini bus trips there.

Don't miss out

Are you eligible for a bursary or scholarship? Could you pay less council tax? How about a refund on your television licence in summer? On Martin Lewis's Money Saving Expert site, he lists 59 ways to save as a student – and some are ingenious!

At the University of Greenwich, we make sure all students have help to manage their money. Check out our Student Finance service pages for more money management support.