Maths enthusiast. Piano player. Countryphile.


Junae tells us about her transition from sleepy northern village to the bustle of London, and her passion for mathematics.

Mathematics student Junae Lavitad was born in the Philippines and moved to a small village in North West England when she was 5 years old.

"Moving across the world was a big change but being such a young age, I guess I was lucky, I wasn't old enough to have developed strong feelings of attachment. I feel like I've been here my whole life."

Having grown up in the countryside, surrounded by fields of sheep, cows and horses, moving to the bustling city of London was perhaps more of a challenge for Junae when she started her journey at Greenwich.

"My village life consists of caves, waterfalls and mountains, so from seeing that everyday, to street after street of tall glass buildings and skyscrapers was a very big change. Although I do miss the secluded village I learned to call home, London has a beauty in its own way."

"Coming from a family of nurses, my parents planted the 'you should be a doctor' seed in mine and my sister's life ages ago. Although it worked with my sister, I actually wasn't certain what I wanted to do with my life."

Junae is studying mathematics here at Greenwich, and admits she has never been more obsessed with a subject.

"I first started liking maths lessons in year 6 when I started developing an addiction to solving numerical problems. Once I started seeing I was naturally good at the subject, I started liking it more and more".

Junae has some ideas about her future career where she can use her maths skills. For now though, she is keeping her options open.

"At one time, I was set on becoming a software engineer and eventually working for Apple. I've realised I could also enjoy working for a bank or a company in a role that heavily depends on calculating. The software engineer dream may happen, but I'm going to research and try different things to learn more about the different careers out there."

When not studying Junae loves to play the piano, a hobby she has enjoyed since she was 6 years old.