Global travel story: our trip to Chile


University offers you life-changing experiences. For 55 of our students, this meant a funded trip to South America. Find out what it could mean for you.

Our international office are in the second year of running the Global Greenwich Mobility Scholarship programme to Chile. This year, 58 students went to study intensive Spanish at Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria in Chile, supported by the Santander Universities funding. Students were drawn from across all four faculties at the university. Over 50% of the selected students are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. This scholarship gives many students their first opportunity to have funded international travel and experience. The Global Greenwich Mobility Scholarship programme supports the students' employability prospects and intercultural development.

In 2015, 22 students from the Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities were funded to go on the programme. As a result of the experience one of the students had in Chile, James Edinboro was inspired to go abroad again and he has now been selected for one of the prestigious and highly-competitive Generation-UK China scholarships funded and organised by the British Council and a Chinese partner institution. We're proud to offer our students life-changing experiences abroad.

Our students describe their experiences in Chile

Ansuyah Maharaj, BA H Primary Education (2nd year student):

I had just finished a module on teaching humanities and modern foreign languages when I applied for the Global Mobility Scholarship. I was focused on learning Spanish to strengthen my language abilities as a primary teacher. It's not a trip I could have afforded or planned so thoroughly on my own initiative. Coming to Chile to learn Spanish has been a life changing experience. I have learned a language and developed different teaching strategies through observation. The immersion in language and culture and real life opportunities to practice your conversational skills is what makes this programme unique. The programme is organised so thoroughly to support and develop your leaning.

Greta Bielkova, BA H Media & Communications (2nd year student):

I want to say a huge thank you for this opportunity because I am having an amazing time. The culture here is very different to the one in Europe, everything comes to life here at night. I definitely don't think there are many tourists at all, it kind of feels like we're the only ones here which is really cool. The classes have been going very well. Although I'm in the beginner's class, I can already use past, present and future tenses! The teachers here are really nice and friendly, and they are making it a lot easier for us to learn. We're having a good laugh in the lessons and apart from Spanish, we are learning a lot about the history of Chile and of South America which I have never studied before. The Chilean students here are incredible! They are very helpful and spend every minute with us, whether it is going for a drink, dinner or just making sure we get home safe. We should definitely make it a priority and try to get some of these students to visit Greenwich in return! For what they have done for us and how much they are involved they definitely deserve all the credit. Hopefully, I will be able to do the same for them one day in London.

Ana Silva, BSc H Criminology and Criminal Psychology (3rd year student):

As soon as I was notified about this opportunity I knew I had to go for it, especially as I was a third year student at the time and opportunities like these come only once in a lifetime. Needless to say, this was my first chance to travel to a different continent other than Europe and be near the Pacific Ocean.

Jonathan Schmid, BA H Business Psychology (2nd year student):

My wonderful stay in Chile allowed me to gain insights into an emerging country's culture and everyday life. While in Chile, I developed new learning strategies as well as competencies in handling challenging situations when with our diverse group of students or with my host parents.


As soon as I was notified about this opportunity I knew I had to go for it.