Calling all parents and carers: this information will help put your minds at rest.

Going to university can be tough – not just for you, but for your parents too. Remember that it's probably the first time you've really been away. They need to know you can cope and that where you're going is suitable. They also need to know about the many practicalities. Providing plenty of information can put anxious minds at rest.


The process of going to uni is by no means straightforward. There are set procedures which are run by the Uiversities and Colleges Application Service (UCAS). It's a good idea for parents and carers to get the lowdown on what to expect and when. There's a special section on the UCAS website that's written just for them.

Campus tours

Taking a parent along to uni open day or campus tour is a good way of keeping them in the loop. When they see the marvellous campus and first-class facilities – like those at the University of Greenwich – they're likely to be more supportive and worry about you less.

Your welfare

If coming to uni will be the first time away from your family, it will be an especially big change. Once you're installed at uni though, it's easy to forget about home. Your parents may be worrying (or enjoying their empty nest). Either way, the odd call to your folks is compulsory. It can also be a mood-booster when you're feeling slightly stressed. Make sure your family has your contact details, including your address. Show them you're an adult who's ready for independence.

At the University of Greenwich, you'll have all the support you need to stand on your own two feet. Let the adventure start.