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Learn more about yourself and build confidence through tailored career advice.

Resources that we have to help you

Career Pop-Ups

During term time you can head over to one of our weekly career pop-ups where you can speak to an advisor on a 1-2-1 basis and receive real-time feedback. There is no need to register beforehand.

Greenwich Campus

Monday, 12pm - 2pm in Stockwell Street Library

Wednesday, 1pm - 3pm in the Dreadnought building

Medway Campus

Tuesday, 12pm - 2pm in the Drill Hall Library

Target Connect

Get support with CV’s, job applications, career fairs, internships, mentoring, graduate jobs, mock interviews, postgraduate study applications and more via our new system Target Connect. Target Connect gives our students access to the largest network of employer opportunities in the UK and Ireland through the Target Jobsboard.  You can also access global corporates, local SMEs and third sectors through our own partner organisations.

  1. Book appointments with our Employability Skills Advisors to review your CV, help complete an application form or prepare you for an interview
  2. Register for an event such as Careers Fairs, Employer Insight Days or Workshops
  3. Apply for job opportunities such as industrial placements, internships, or graduate jobs
  4. Access Hot off the Press' employer information, career-related articles and trending employer resources via the Career Discovery Feed

Why Target Connect can help you

Bringing opportunities and learning resources all in one place has never been easier with Target Connect, here are the things we enjoy most about the platform:

  1. A chance to enhance your employability
  2. Easy user experience
  3. Ability to review your progress and employability journey
  4. Wider access to employers and job opportunities.

Access link: Target Connect

Greenwich Employability Passport (GEP)

Build your career confidence, access a range of resources and develop yourself personally and professionally with the Greenwich Employability Passport.

If you’re academic staff or a returning student, you should have already heard that we’ve revamped the GEP! If you’re a new student, you may have heard about the GEP briefly in your introductory sessions or lectures. Either way, we’re pleased to update you all on the exciting and innovative changes that we’ve made.

Find out more:


Shortlist.Me transforms the way mock online assessments are facilitated. On Shortlist.Me, you can browse and complete practice video interviews and receive feedback through their built in AI. There are a wide range of interviews to choose from, some created by and others created internally by the Employability Service.

Access link for current students and graduates: Shortlist.Me 

Graduates will need to email us at to request the Access Code.


Career Set is an AI-powered career platform that generates instant personalised feedback on your CV and Cover Letter. The platform has been designed to support you prior to visiting one of our Employability Skills Advisors.

Powered by AI, the platform gives you actionable  feedback via three main products Score My CV, Target My CV and Cover Letters.

The AI-powered CV review platform instantly scores your CV on key criteria recruiters and hiring managers look for.

  • Upload your CV in PDF format to get detailed, personalised feedback in 30 seconds
  • Understand where your CV stands among your peers
  • Learn what recruiters are looking for
  • Upload your CV as many times as you like to improve your score iteratively

Access link: Career Set

LinkedIn Learning

With LinkedIn Learning, you will have access to top-quality courses taught by industry experts, making it a great way to gain many insights into your prospective career/industry and develop valuable skills.

If you are graduating, don’t worry about losing out! You will have access to the platform whilst your digital access to the university is still active (90 days after you complete your study).

Find out more: LinkedIn Learning

Graduates First

Graduates First supports graduates through allowing them to practice 150+ industry standard job assessments to best prepare them for assessment centres and common application processes used by employers globally.

Practice 150+ industry standard Job Assessments, to be prepared for common application processes used by top employers globally.

  • 50+ ability tests (numerical, verbal, logical, abstract, diagrammatic spatial reasoning)
  • 50+ video interviews, including competency-based, industry-specific, and employer specific interview questions.
  • 8 game-based assessments
  • 2 Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs)
  • Work Personality Questionnaire
  • Case study, in-tray, group, role play and presentation exercises

For each test, you can monitor your progress and receive instant expert feedback reports. Through the platform, you can also gain over 100 useful insight videos about how employers’ recruitment processes and the types of assessments you will likely face.

In addition, use example top employer recruitment processes to gain a strong sense of the experience you can expect in your application.

Access link: Graduates First

For graduate access please email

Student Circus

Student Circus is a job search platform that's dedicated to international students. With Student Circus, you'll have unlimited access to thousands of filtered visa-enabled opportunities and other resources on the platform. 

How does it work? 

Student Circus offers you the chance to find excellent opportunities, such as exclusive Skilled Worker Visa jobs, internships (including start-up internships) and placements. Employers willing to sponsor the Skilled Worker Visa, listed on the platform, include Airbus, Deutsche Bank, McKinsey & Company, Land Rover, Siemens and many more.

What features are available?

1. Handpicked jobs at reputable workplaces
2. Immigration assistance in select countries
3. Exclusive career advice and country guides

Why should I join?

  • Save time -  You won't be spending hours searching for jobs, you'll only have to apply to employers who welcome international students
  • Be a part of their Campus Ambassador Programme - the programme not only helps you build strong networks within the university, but you'll also get paid!
  • Fuel your success with the Career Ignition Hub - The Hub brings together experts from immigration lawyers to career counsellors to guide you through every step
  • Get unlimited access to the platform and explore endless possibilities!

How do I sign up?

1. Go to
2. Sign up using your university email ID
3. Verify your email.


Prospects is the UK's biggest graduate careers website, supporting graduates with valuable information, advice and job opportunities.

Access link: Prospects

Bright Network

Bright Network is a careers platform that connects students and recent graduates with over 250 of their partner employers. From internships to events, there are multiple opportunities to choose from.

Access link: Bright Network

UoG Library

The University's Library Service provide a series of 'LibGuides' which showcase the various online and print resources available to you to help enhance your employability.

Access Link: LibGuides


We run a variety of workshops, hosted by our Employability Skills Advisors and also by our trusted employer partners. From workshops on placement advice and expanding your LinkedIn network to employer skills sessions, we guarantee there will be a workshop for you! Book via Target Connect.

Book an appointment

For further support, you can book a 1-2-1 with one of our Employability Skills Advisors via Target Connect.

With Sinead’s assistance I got more confident in speaking about my experience and skills. She helped me understand how to show I had transferable skills that were important in my job applications, she reviewed my cv, cover letter and practiced mock interviews that allowed me to secure an internship.

- Oluwaseun Mulikat Omotunde Young, MSc Formulation Science