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We regularly advertise live vacancies to our students through vacancy fairs and on-campus installations, underpinned by our Employability Hub which allows employers to advertise vacancies and receive applications directly from our students and graduates.

Employability Hub

Target Connect is our one-stop shop for students when it comes to opportunities that are available to them. Here, we will advertise your live vacancies to students, which will enable you to track progress and applications all in one place.

In addition, we will advertise your vacancy to students via email newsletters and our social media channels to ensure maximum exposure to the right candidates.

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Placements and Internships

What is a placement?

A placement is a great way for you to invite fresh talent to your organisation and build your talent pipeline. Typically, a placement is a year long and you'll be employing students that have just completed their second year of university. The placement will need to be full-time (at least 30 hours per week, minimum 3 days in the office).

What is an internship?

Internships are shorter placements, lasting form 5 days to 6 months on either a part-time of full-time basis. This is a great opportunity for you to test-drive top quality candidates and have an extra pair of hands within your organisation.

What are the benefits?

  1. Provide a low-risk trial period: Placements allow you to bring in talent for a low-risk trial period before offering them a full-time position. You can evaluate their skills, work ethic, and cultural fit before making a long-term commitment.
  2. Increase productivity: Interns can bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to your organisation, which can lead to increased productivity and efficiency.
  3. Improve your employer brand: Offering internships demonstrates your commitment to investing in the development of young professionals and can help enhance your reputation as an employer.

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