The university is committed to becoming a Menopause Friendly employer to support staff and their managers who are directly or indirectly affected by the associated symptoms of the menopause.

This site provides useful information about the menopause for staff and managers including useful resources, guidance and events.  Our recent work includes:

We know, for some, menopause can be an incredibly challenging time. With more than 3 out of 4 experiencing menopausal symptoms and 1 in 4 experiencing serious symptoms.  Menopause typically happens between age 45 and 55 with the average age being 51, and as such 8 in 10 women of menopausal age are in work.  Menopause can also be earlier or later than this, due to surgery or for other reasons. Hormonal changes can affect us all at other stages in life, too, such as when undergoing fertility treatment, due to medication, or hormonal interventions. These can all bring about similar symptoms to menopause.

There are 34 recognised symptoms of the menopause.  Hot flushes are the most common symptom occurring in 3 out of every 4 menopausal women (Unison, 2019).  Other common symptoms include, night sweats, sleeplessness, low mood, anxiety, lack of confidence and brain fog. Symptoms vary in duration, severity, and what impact they have on a woman, resulting in higher sickness rates (Unison, 2019). Menopausal women struggle with the symptoms especially at work and the impact is such that some contemplate leaving their employment, due to the impact the menopausal symptoms have on their working life (Harris C, 2018). So many of our colleagues will be working with us through this transition or supporting someone who is.

It is essential that the right information, support and treatment is available is essential and not just for those experiencing menopause directly but also for those supporting a partner, family member, friend or colleague. We all need to know and talk more as ‘many women tend to feel that they need to cope alone’ because of ‘a reluctance to speak up at work’ (Brewis et al, 2017).

This is why we have menopause in the workplace support, with guidance for colleagues and line managers and this page which has useful information about the menopause including resources, videos and events.  To raise awareness and to provide support on the menopause we recently organised separate training for colleagues and line managers with a partner organisation Henpicked.

To celebrate Menopause Day 2021, Carolyn Harris, MP for Swansea East spoke about the work she is doing on the Menopause Revolution.

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