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Industrial placement scheme

The University of Greenwich School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences provides student placements for businesses.

Many companies see work experience as a significant part of their graduate recruitment strategy and an investment for the future. Find out more about our placement programme.

We encourage all students to complete a sandwich degree programme, since occupational experience is valuable and highly regarded by potential employers.

An increasing number of our students take up sandwich degrees. Regulations for our sandwich programmes require the student to be employed in a relevant position for a minimum of 36 weeks. Students may complete a placement at any time between finishing their second year of studies in June and starting their final year in September of the following year. The average placement lasts 12 months.

What's in it for you as an employer?

Many companies see work experience as a significant part of their graduate recruitment strategy and an investment for the future.

Feedback from employers providing industrial placements suggests the following reasons, among others, why you might decide to employ a student from the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences:

  • The placement provides a good return on investment
  • The student is a well-educated, motivated individual
  • The placement is an excellent recruitment opportunity
  • The placements are not short term: students are placed for a minimum of 36 weeks
  • You can assess the potential employee with no long-term commitment
  • Like many employers, you may find that you want to employ your placement student full-time after graduation
  • Many companies employ placement students part-time after the sandwich year has finished
  • The placement may give you the opportunity to launch a project for which there is not normally the staff, time or money
  • Placement students have already completed two years of a degree and have marketable skills from which your organisation could benefit
  • Employers are able to tap into the expertise of the student and the University of Greenwich
  • Students can bring fresh ideas, talent and motivation not available in your organisation
  • It provides the opportunity for you to develop a wider relationship with the University of Greenwich and could be the basis for joint ventures in the future. You may be able to participate in the development or delivery of vocational programmes
  • It gives your current employees an opportunity to develop supervisory skills. Students require a certain level of supervision or mentoring from their immediate superiors. This could enable your employees to undertake staff development.

If you would like more information on our placement programme, please see the frequently asked questions or contact the team at the Employability and Placements Office.

Telephone: 020 8331 8500 or 020 8331 8707

Frequently asked questions