Course modules

Module information for Psychology, MSc (Conversion Degree) [Year 1]

Advanced Developmental Psychology

Module summary

Module code: PSYH1028
Level: 7
Credits: 15
School: Education, Health and Human Sci
Department: Human Sciences
Module Coordinator(s): Laura Katus


Pre and co requisites



• To extend the students’ knowledge and understanding of concepts and theories in developmental psychology by examining current issues and contemporary problems in the field.
• To develop students’ understanding of the relevance of developmental psychological theory and empirical findings to various contemporary concerns in the clinical, legal and public policy fields.
• To develop students’ ability to critically evaluate developmental psychological research.
• To develop students’ understanding of the historical context of explanatory concepts, controversies and research methods in developmental psychology.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:
1 Have examined and evaluated key concepts, theories and models of psychological development with reference to several domains and periods of development.
2 Be able to critically evaluate applications of major concepts, theories and models to contemporary problems.
3 Have a fuller understanding of issues surrounding the applications of developmental psychological research findings.
4 Have developed a more critical understanding of developmental psychological research and its historical roots.

Indicative content

• Time trends in child and adolescent mental health
• Parenting and attachment
• Bullying
• Language disorders
• Developmental Behaviour Genetics
• Development of Executive Function
• Theory of mind
• Peer relationships
• Childhood behaviour problems
• Child and adolescent anxiety and depression

Teaching and learning activity

Learning and teaching activities will include lectures and group discussions embedded within the scheduled lecture period. Group discussions will revolve largely round published research papers. Lecture notes and discussion material will be made available on the course Moodle site ahead of the scheduled session.


Integrative Essay and Research Proposal - 100%
LO - 1 to 4.
Pass mark - 50%
2,500 words.
A review of two topics covered on the course and a research proposal for future research in that area.

Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning:
Quizzes & reflective group discussions during lectures and seminars.
Assessment tutorial.
Essay plan submitted for formative feedback.