Does technology undermine or enhance our wellbeing and self-development?


A conference on April 6-7 being held at the University of Greenwich explores this question.

The line-up of speakers includes experts from psychology, neuroscience, spirituality, and more.

Dr Oliver Robinson, of the university's Faculty of Education & Health, says: "We will be looking at how technology and social media can help us transcend ourselves and help us grow in spiritual and secular ways, but also how our addictions to the internet and social media can impair our wellbeing."

"One of the key issues is dealing with how we see the world through social media, and how this affects us day-to-day. People look at other people's online personas, which are idealised versions of their lives. This creates a compare and despair attitude, which young people are very susceptible to. They worry they don't measure up to what everyone else seems to be."

This will be addressed by journalist, influencer and author of Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life Katherine Ormerod, who is among the speakers. She will discuss be the effect social media has on behaviour and emotions.

Other speakers include: social scientist Dr Jeffery Martin, who runs one of the world's foremost mediation courses on the web; and philosophy and psychology expert Jules Evans, who looks at spiritual development and how it has been linked to technology historically as well as in the present day.

Technology, Spirituality and Wellbeing: The possible human in the digital age takes place on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April,with a pre-conference workshop on Friday 5 April.

Details on all speakers and sessions are available here